Dr. Jessica Snyder


About Jessica…


Jessica was a collegiate cross-country/track & field runner at Azusa Pacific University for 2 years before she transitioned into the Sports Medicine program. The required internships required more time than she had to give as a competitive athlete, and although running meant a lot - her professional development meant more! She completed internships in general medicine, private practice, and collegiate as well as high school sports.

After completing her Bachelors in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, Jessica treated patients at the Therapy and Wellness Center of Glendale Adventist Hospital in Los Angeles. In addition to managing orthopedic patient care, she taught a speciality class for oncology patients and she provided sideline medical support for local high school football, soccer, baseball, volleyball and basketball teams.

Jessica completed her education by obtaining a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of St Augustine with an emphasis on orthopedics and manual therapy.

Prior to starting her own practice in Bozeman, Jessica treated patients for 4 years in South Orange County -  specializing in runners, lower extremity injuries, lumbar spine, shoulder and cervical disorders - doing work as a personal run coach and as a home health physical therapist.

Jessica has attended many continuing education seminars including myofascial manipulation, current concepts in orthopedic rehabilitation, mat Pilates through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, the Maitland approach to spinal manipulation, and strength and conditioning courses for the tactical community.


Jessica’s passion is for manual therapy and patient education. She believes in your ability to actively decompress your own spine and add strength and stability throughout the body through postural awareness.


She continues to run and practice yoga as well as strength train in order to continue her own pursuit of wellness. When it comes to being healthy, it is not just about doing or changing one thing (maybe one thing at a time!), but rather a multifaceted approach that involves not only the physical but the spiritual and emotional as well.