For every level of athlete and mountaineer - Welcome the Northwest’s elite resource for performance: RidgeLine Fuel.

RidgeLine Fuel is the only performance nutrition organization specializing in mountain sports. Lead by experienced dietitian, Emely Lambert, whose background includes working with military, collegiate and Olympic athletes. 

Emely has 9 years of military service, serving as a unit health & fitness coordinator leading physical training and developed a nutrition education course Hydration, Fueling on the move, Macros on Deployment during Operation Enduring Freedom 2012-2013.

She has worked with all levels of athletes including combative sport athletes at the collegiate level. Recently, Emely has spent the past two years working at the VA healthcare hospital and Olympic training center in Southern California. Her expertise is diverse and can assist individuals with complex medical conditions, injury and healing, to the elite and para-athletes.

RidgeLine Fuel’s Dietitians will fuel you to reach your peak performance and continue to improve you across your journey throughout training seasons and competition. Our services include fuel programming, competition preparation and tactics, body composition analysis, hydration testing, weight maintenance counseling and athlete sponsoring. 

RidgeLine Fuel’s mission is to provide nutritional guidance to those in search of becoming their best version on all terrains with convenience and affordability.