Patient Spotlight: Anne Dingerson

PTE: What is your injury and how long has it been going on?

ANNE: I had knee surgery March of 2017, ACL reconstruction plus a bunch of clean-up. Before that, I had a baby and lost most of my fitness and strength. While I stayed very active throughout my pregnancy once baby came…….bye. So I came to PTE at a lifetime low in terms of physical fitness.

PTE: What brought you to Physical Therapy Elite?

ANNE: I started by researching providers in Bozeman and came to respect the the holistic and diverse approach to therapy. I liked that PTE focused on the athlete and I needed to become an athlete again.

PTE: What did they do that was different? Why do you think it mattered?

ANNE: I came to PTE because the therapists are bad asses. They practice what they preach. They are out in the mountains and on the trails and hitting the track. They are providing healing and training programs for athletes of all shapes, ages, and sizes. It’s the love of wellness and sport. You can feel it when you work with anyone in the office.

PTE: Where are you now in terms of your injury?

ANNE: Today, I am in a place, physically, that I haven’t been since college athletics. Many, many years ago. My knee feels better than ever, my body feels better then ever. I am proud of my level of fitness and strength. Oh that there’s a bunch of muscle where there used to be hanging skin.

PTE: Where are you headed in terms of future plans and goals ahead?

ANNE: The Future. Short term…… The Rut. My forcing function. I have been a fan girl of the Rut race since year 1. I vowed that one year I would run it and 2018 is that year. My goal is to finish and not feel terrible. Long term, my goal is to continue to strength training with weights. Lifting has been a massive part of my recovery and I am a believer.

It’s hard to see the changes in the mirror because they happen little by little over a period of time. I know I’ve come a long way and that is validated on the trail, by friends, and by Danny at PTE. One thing I’ve learned through this, is that celebrating your progress and growth is almost as important and putting in the physical work. Danny, has always been the first one to remind me to be proud of how far I have come.