Foundations Training: Heidi Ransom

Photo: Blair Speed

Photo: Blair Speed

Hi! I’m Heidi Ransom. I have been practicing massage therapy since 1998 and teaching Pilates and Foundation Training since 2016.


My Story

I was born with funky legs. From the time I was a kid until I was a 27-year-old adult, I suffered from my patellas (knee caps) dislocating constantly. This caused a whole plethora of problems, ranging from damage inside the knee joint to back injuries due to the falls I would take when my knee would spontaneously protrude from the side of my leg. I underwent surgery about 10 years ago and had both of my legs realigned. It has been a incredible journey since then. I went from not being able to do a lot of things physically to being able to triumph over my funky legs and become a avid runner and climber.  


My legs were fixed, which was great, but then I started having frequent episodes of back pain from all the damaging falls I had incurred over the years. I found myself facing the possibility of major surgery again—this time for my back. That’s when a friend shared Foundation Training with me. I have felt the best I ever have since I began practicing Foundation Training.


What is Foundation Training

There is so much to say about what Foundation Training is! On a monthly basis I am still discovering and appreciating more of its benefits. But the short answer is that Foundation Training brings your muscle chains back into balance with each other. 


Most of us sit, lift kids, or work in a forward position too often, and we have become short and tight in the front of our bodies and weak and unstable in the back of our bodies. We end up looking like the shape of a cashew as we age from constantly rounding through our spines instead of hinging from the hips. 


Foundation Training teaches whole chains of muscles to work together again to create balanced chains of tension and support for our structure to move from. Foundation Training is not just a set of exercises; it also teaches you how to move intelligently. Personally, it has greatly affected my life by helping me replace old, poor, damaging movement patterns with sustainable, strong movement patterns that prevent and even repair injuries. 


Who Can Foundation Training Benefit?

EVERYONE! All of us benefit by learning how to move better, resist gravity, and prevent injuries. My clients range from young kids, to athletes, to the elderly. All of us can improve our awareness of where we are moving from. 


Movement is the precipitating factor that determines our maximum happiness potential. No one can live with vitality when your body is suffering due to pain and injury caused by poor movements habits. It teaches us to take the burden of supporting the body away from the joints and put it where it belongs: in the muscles. It’s a tool that you can use any time and anywhere for the rest of your life. I certainly am! I love getting to share Foundation Training with others and see the changes it makes in their lives. It’s truly powerful.

Photo: Blair Speed

Photo: Blair Speed


PT Elite and Running

This year I am training for my first ultra-marathon and am having a blast! It is something I never thought I would be able to attempt. PT Elite has been an incredible addition to helping me keep my body finely tuned throughout the rigorous training. Jess’s running analysis was invaluable. After my leg surgeries I had to re-learn how to walk again, and it didn’t occur to me until I met Jess that I never had anyone observe my running to see if I was running properly after all the changes my legs went through. Jess’s skilled eyes saw small changes I could make that gave me BIG improvements in my efficiency and endurance. Her highly trained hands have been incredible as maintenance for my muscles to keep them performing well. 


I am truly grateful for PT Elite’s knowledge and expertise. I feel happy to have PT Elite as a part of our community and my life. They are one more tool for my toolkit to keep me up and running strong.