Patient Spotlight: Back On Track. Single Track.

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My injuries started in 2014. It was an ambitious year of running in which I developed a case of sesamoiditis that would start in one foot then jump to the other, what would turn into a very complicated case of plantar fasciitis, and on again off again bouts of tendonitis. Over the course of the next three years I would try many different treatments and strategies with varying degrees of success. One or all of the injuries would return when I would attempt to reintroduce running into my training, I was either out for the rest of the season or drastically compromised and pushing through pain.  

In seeking treatment for my injuries I sought out many different healthcare providers, foot and ankle specialists, podiatrists specializing in orthotic therapy, chiropractors, message therapists, acupuncture, physical therapists and running coaches. I learned a ton. A little or a lot from each of them. And although each provider was more or less experienced in his or her own right, each only provided a piece of recovery. Taking what I learned from the past few years i felt the key I felt was missing from my previous treatments was a better more complete plan - a personalized plan that targets the root cause of these injuries. After a fairly short Saturday run had left me limping for a week I knew I needed a different approach. Wanting to shake off my previous experience with physical therapy, it just took a phone call to quickly understand that PT Elite was different. I was immediately interested in a consultation because of the sports performance based aspect of their treatment. This was the focus I was looking for and I believed would help me return to my passions. 

Recovery takes work. It takes a plan, positivity and an unquenchable will to get better along with truckloads of patience. I walked into PT Elite somewhat pain free. My injuries were well past the acute state. But as before, i knew if I got out and started running the trails, I would be in pain in short order, some or all of my issues would resurface. The sheer amount of work to do felt staggering honestly. I have had my injuries for some time and rationally, I knew it would take some time and lots of effort to get past all of them. 

The combination of voluminous manual therapy with strength and conditioning has helped stabilize my injury prone areas, return to running, and has provided me with a progressive plan to return to full capability. I believe the key to my positive progress at PT Elite is simply how much time is spent with manual therapy and the attention to detail and the thorough treatment, never chasing the spot of pain, but treating the root causes.  

Injury is tough. I believe the biggest accomplishment of my athletic life is the challenge in front of me now. It is not the longest run, or that week or month that had all those miles or all that vertical, it is to be injury free. Rehabbing injury is a tough mental challenge, however, through hard work and perseverance it can also be a profound growth of spirit. Keep working, keep consistent, and keep believing. These injuries are on the ropes, keep swinging. I feel stronger with each week and more resilient than I have felt in years. 

I am now running consistently, there have been some setbacks, but much more importantly, there have been and will be more, incredible leaps forward and there is hope. Lots of hope.