Spend An Hour With Your Doctor

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your doctor’s full ATTENTION for a full HOUR?



Is that even a thing?

It is. It is exactly how we structured our practice. To designate an entire hour for you to work with your Doctor of Physical Therapy.
This allows for:

1. Clear and detailed communication - both initially and ongoing. Lots of discussion. Questions asked and answered. Issues explained and treatment strategies outlined.

2. Full examination and assessment of your strength, stability, mobility etc.

3. Rapport between the patient and the provider. We know you! Your name. Your injury. Your goals. We are not trying to manage multiple patients at a time. The environment is calm but fun. The work is expert and intentional. You are given the best environment in which to heal, recover, and train.
4. Each session accomplishes something meaningful - soft tissue work, joint mobilization, new exercise instruction. We can accomplish so much more in far fewer sessions because there is individuality and specificity and consistency. Your DPT, focusing on you, treating your injury, every time you come in.

This is how we do it.
You and your doctor.