Secrets To Downhill Running

The thrill of bombing down a fast section of single track is part of why I crave the thrill of mountain running. For me, it is the closest thing I can get to flying.

But let’s face it...not ALL of us love downhill running. For those of us that don’t fancy the quad thrashing, knee aching, fear of falling, good time- there are a few secrets I am about to let you in on, that will take your descending from pounding to flying.

From Defined To Refined

At the time, I was competing at the highest level of success ever experienced within my running career. The season had just started and I had kicked it off with 5 podium victories, a VO2 engine that was stronger than ever and the exciting anticipation that I had just began to scratch the surface of what I was capable of.  And then, like any great tragic irony (or so I thought at the time) I was struck with an injury that would alter the course of every single one of my goals. What I didn't know at the time was how it would also alter the course of my life.