We're committed to building the "Whole Athlete." That means getting to the science of building smarter muscles, restoring imbalanced bodies, maximizing power and bio-mechanic efficiency. Your running form is a constant progression, let us not only help correct but also continue to refine it.


Movement Analysis and Orthopedic Screening: looking for breakdowns in the kinetic chain as well as strength deficits and/or flexibility and mobility restrictions. 

As Doctor’s of Physical Therapy we are the movement experts - being extensively training in human biomechanics as well as arthrokinematics.

Running Gait Analysis

Video and Photos taken of running gait followed by a comprehensive, in-depth discussion of findings and resulting effects (high impact load, decreased cadence, lost efficiency etc).

Exercise Prescription and Running Drills

Based on the results of both the Initial Assessment and the Running Gait Analysis, a specific regime will be prescribed in order to correct dysfunctions or enhance performance benefits. This can include a flexibility and/or mobility routine, strength exercises, and corrective running drills.