The Short

Physical Therapy Elite offers the highest level of rehabilitation and human performance services where YOUR Doctor of Physical Therapy will apply their clinical expertise to meet YOUR individual needs and goals related to decreasing pain, restoring movement, and improving sports performance.

The Long

Healthcare is changing.

Unfortunately your insurance premium is rising, however your access to medical care and health related services is decreasing. For many people, physical therapy services will still cost upwards of $75 per visit - with insurance!

You, the patient, need to take control of your health and wellness as insurance companies will continue to manipulate the system and the providers within it. Ultimately this causes the patient to be the one who suffers as their access to quality care will quickly diminish.

To offset low reimbursement rates, many clinics have turned to higher volume as a way to make-up for lost/decreased revenue. This is obviously detrimental to patient care - your time with your doctor is very limited. This equates to less evaluation time, less assessment time, less manual (hands on soft tissue work) time and less corrective exercise time! Ultimately, this delays your recovery.

Physical Therapy Elite was born out of the desire of a passionate group of individuals to offer a higher level of rehabilitation and human performance services where the physical therapist, the healthcare provider, your doctor has full freedom to apply their undivided attention and clinical expertise to YOU.

YOU will work directly with your physical therapist for the duration of YOUR session.

Your physical therapist is the specialist when it comes to analyzing movement patterns and evaluating soft tissue restrictions and joint mobility deficits. Your physical therapist is the one who can apply a multitude of different techniques to release those restrictions and improve the quality of the movement - the ability of the muscles to produce strength, the ability of the body to move freely, to be efficient and to be pain-free.

This specificity, this level of skill, cannot be substituted. Physical Therapy Elite was created on this foundation: that the working relationship between the patient and the physical therapist cannot be substituted. In a world where access to care - access to quality care - is diminishing, we are committed to going against this grain, we will return the value.