The Short

Physical Therapy Elite offers the highest level of rehabilitation and human performance services where YOUR Doctor of Physical Therapy will apply their clinical expertise to meet YOUR individual needs and goals related to decreasing pain, restoring movement, and improving sports performance.

The Long

Healthcare is changing.

Unfortunately your insurance premium is rising, however your access to medical care and health related services is decreasing. 

To offset low reimbursement rates, many clinics have turned to higher volume as a way to make-up for lost/decreased revenue. This is obviously detrimental to patient care - your time with your doctor is very limited. This equates to less evaluation time, less manual (hands on soft tissue work) time and less corrective exercise time! Ultimately, this delays your recovery.

At P.T. Elite, YOU will work directly with YOUR physical therapist for the duration of YOUR session.

Our cash pay structure allows for a one time, fee for service that is collected each session. While we are Out-of-Network with most insurance companies, we currently do accept BlueCross-BlueSheild.

You are always eligible for Out-of-Network benefits. This means your payments will apply to your Out-of-Network deductible and once that deductible is met, you will get reimbursed. 

*** We do accept Motor Vehicle Accident claims as well as Workman’s Compensation claims.