Physical Therapy

PT Elite is a multi-dimensional, orthopedic physical therapy practice. Any condition that impairs your ability to move freely, effectively, and without pain is our specialty!

Sports Performance

PT Elite is committed to building the "Whole Athlete." We take a holistic approach to building smarter muscles, restoring imbalanced bodies to maximize power and biomechanical efficiencies.

Clinical MaSSAGE

We treat the underlying issue. Various forms of manual therapy including myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and trigger point release are tailored to your specific needs.

What To Expect From Your Doctor


As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we employ soft tissue manipulation and therapeutic exercises to effectively create change in the tissue. Manual therapy relieves pain, releases tight and bound tissue, and allows for freedom of movement. The specific exercises that follow are designed to reinforce a new movement pattern and facilitate reactivation of deficient muscles in order to obtain lasting results. 

The work we do involves restoration from a chronic condition and/or acceleration of recovery from an acute injury.



There Is No Downtime For Athletes In Training And We Know That


Restoration/Recovery Acceleration

REHAB: Athletes in this division are training to improve; their work involves restoration and acceleration of recovery from either injury or chronic condition. Our athletes work directly with us and rehab like the pros, shaving months off recuperation.

Prevention/Performance Enhancement

PREHAB: Our athletes use these workouts to ensure that increasing intensity doesn’t equal increased risk of injury.

Aggressive Training/Accelerated Results

BACK-TO-PLAY: Athletes in this division are training to perform; their sport specific workouts are aggressive with content analysis of their athletic engine so goals are met as expeditiously as possible.



Looking for more than a “spa” massage?


As manual therapists, we are the bodywork professionals.

Call it massage. Call it soft tissue work. We do the hands on work that gets rid of the pain and to improves your function.

Whether you are looking for recovery or injury care, or are looking to improve your mobility and wellness - we know what to do.

To relieve fascial binding. To reduce muscular tension. We got you.