Pain: Part I

Pain is often a sign that something has to change.

We need to move more.
We need to move differently.
We need to rest more.
We need to relieve a stressor.
Whether it be exercise or a postural position, or a recurring situation causing significant tension.
Something is begging for change.

We often look for a quick solution to what needs to be changed. Medication. Surgery. A detox. But this is only adds more layers to the issue.

Unfortunately, we are often provided with well-intentioned however miss guided and rather “shotgun approach” solutions.

It takes time. It takes intention. Specificity and purpose. But this is how change happens and where resolution of pain occurs.

I truly believe physical therapists play a huge role in identifying the source of pain and helping guide the patient towards a lasting solution. If I didn’t believe this I wouldn’t be doing what I do! Nor would I have built a practice that is structured in such a way to provide this type of care for our patients!

We don’t have all of the answers nor are we the specialists in everything. But we have integrated ourselves within a community of practitioners who share the same passion and purpose and who collectively provide a truly holistic approach to medical care.