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4 Ways to Bulletproof Your Body

By planning some focus on developing robustness in our tissues, we can bulletproof ourselves to a long and healthy season. Increasing the strength and durability of our chassis will allow us to fully unleash the power and desire of our engine without the fear of injury.

Patient Spolight: Kristen Lyle

I have to admit, I cried at the end of my first appointment at PT Elite.  I was still worried about what my future activity levels looked like, but more than that, I think the tears flowed because of relief.  I knew that I had found the right team to help me get through this injury. 

Secrets To Downhill Running

The thrill of bombing down a fast section of single track is part of why I crave the thrill of mountain running. For me, it is the closest thing I can get to flying.

But let’s face it...not ALL of us love downhill running. For those of us that don’t fancy the quad thrashing, knee aching, fear of falling, good time- there are a few secrets I am about to let you in on, that will take your descending from pounding to flying.